China Jedi Tour: E5 – The Magic Island (Part 1)

In this episode (Part 1/2), China Jedi visits a small tropical island just off the coast of Zhuhai city to check out and play at the Magic Island Music Festival! Get a glimpse of the many challenges faced when organizing a live music event on an island (especially in the pouring rain) and of course listen to songs from the various bands and performers who came from across the delta all living, working and creating in China, including Ruary, Darren Mullins, Steam Boat Blues, Reel Deal, LWA, Sleepwalkers, Miwa Zumba, D2daG and much, much more! For those living, working or travelling in China or interested in learning about Chinese culture, expat life and foreigners perceptions. Live, work, travel, do business and have fun in China. May the smile be with you!



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