China Jedi welcomes you to our digital audio podcast platform for an inside look into Chinese life as foreigners living, working, crying and laughing in China. A light-hearted insight into all things good and bad with a little bit of extra wit added on top.

With regular special guests from across China and creative educational games thrown in for fun, this podcast is a must for those interested in learning more about the middle kingdom or just wanting a good giggle.

China Jedi is not a political movement or nationalistic front to spread the religion of the jedi. It is for "normal" people, talking about "normal" things, answering "normal" questions to feel and be less "normal". Tune in, turn on and may the smile be with you!

Meet Our Team 我们的团队

Chris J. Bradshaw

  • Producer & Host
  • Bath, England
  • Sagittarius Rooster
  • "Destiny comes to those that listen, fate finds the rest"

Chris J. Bradshaw 是 China Jedi 播客的主持人和制作人 。他也是企业家、教育和市场专业人士。他拥有科学和教育硕士学位,有广泛的国际商务和 BBC 媒体经验。

Chris J. Bradshaw is Producer & Host of the China Jedi Podcast and a Marketing & Education Professional. He holds a degree in science and masters in education and has a vast amount of international business and media experience appearing on several BBC productions.

Qin Liu

  • Translator & Service Coordinator
  • Chengdu, China
  • Sagittarius Rooster
  • "Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness"

刘老师是 ChinaJedi 播客的协调员、翻译。她也是留学咨询师、国际汉语教师和自由撰稿人。她拥有中英双语研究生学历。

Qin Liu is the translator and service coordinator for the China Jedi podcast. She is also a counselor for students who want to study overseas and a qualified Chinese language teacher. She holds a masters in Chinese and English.

Anthony C. Benton

  • Co-Host
  • Buckinghamshire, England
  • Taurus Ox
  • "Beware the fool, for he may be guarding his wisdom well"

Anthony C. Benton是 China Jedi播客的合作主持人。他也是Unique Kids English的创始人。他拥有商业心理学硕士学位。

Anthony C. Benton is the founder of Unique Kids English and is an experienced education professional. He is the co-host of the China Jedi podcast and holds a masters in business psychology.


William M. Lamont

  • Co-Host
  • Phoenix, USA
  • Cancer Rooster
  • "Cook what you hunt"

William M. La Mont 是 ChinaJedi 播客的合作主持人。他也是教育顾问和自由撰稿人。他拥有  CELTA 和亚洲研究文学学士学位。

William M. Lamont is the Co-Host of the China Jedi Podcast. He is also an education consultant and freelance writer. He is a qualified CELTA instructor and holds a Bachelor's degree in Asian Studies.

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