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Am now two episodes in into China Jedi! Having spent four years in the Middle Kingdom, it's great to hear some musings on China life from expats living in the country. As well as having a thought out structure, the show is well researched and I particularly like the fact they have a different topic each episode yet include familiar segments like guess who and some Chinese language - I now have two new idioms to use in day to day life out there! To top it off its lighthearted and funny-found myself chuckling several times whilst listening.

- Armchair Anthropologist, Great new China podcast!

I came across this pod and I thought I'd give it a quick listen. I must say if anyone is interested in knowing what it's like to live in china as a foreigner then this show is for you. Lots of useful info, fun tips and genuine anecdotes laced with a creative satirical spin. Well worth a listen and each episode just seems to get funnier! Love the name too

- Jessy1981007, May the smile be with you

I arrived in china on a work project only a few months ago and am really glad to have found this podcast. The many topics they discuss are really useful and come from a humorous perspective which makes it easy and fun to digest. I would recommend this to anyone everywhere who is interested in knowing more about China.

- China Newbie, A fun resource!

I'm now up to episode 21 and have enjoyed all of them. You'd better start producing them twice a week otherwise i'm going to run out of them! I loved the two podcasts that Anthony hosted and I hope he'll be hosting more. Don't ever stop you too!

- PHB2, Great fun & interesting

I love this. I'm a podcast fiend.

- AndyQ

This show gives hints at Chinese culture, the life of the expat and how foreigners perceive China and the Chinese. It is far from divisive, and far from educational. It is a lighter way of looking at things, with some understanding chucked in for the fun of it. There are elements of B.B.C. Radio 4 slapped into a show that could easily be at home during the early hours of B.B.C. 6 Music. We’re talking alternative, yet reality, without too much gloss and glamour. Celebrity has little place here, other than the place it is allowed. Paul Bailey, from InternChina (Episode 11) sums the spirit of the show up, “Life is too short to iron your underpants.”

- John Acton, Hub Hao

Awesome. Love listening to this when i'm on the go. Not only is it lighthearted but can learn something too.

- Twiddlediddle9165, Loving zee pod

China Jedi podcast is a fun and lighthearted insight into life in China. Two foreign guys living in China introduce short and entertaining sections. The podcast is easy to listen to, funny and often informative. I've only listened to the first three pods and so far I am really enjoying them. I will definitely listen to more!

- Idealiser, Fun stuff in China from two Jedi

If you are in China (which I am) this is something you gotta listen to. It's funny, clever and actually very informative but in a very friendly, down to earth kind of way. The different guests they have on every week keeps the content dynamic and I just love listening to it when i'm on the bus (in Beijing) going to work. Well done China Jedi keep em coming!

- Nickthegreek1986, Hilarious but very educational!

Great podcast for anyone who wants to know what it's like for foreigners to live in China. Funny and interesting.

- AlexJones123, Terrific

I was listening episode 2 and I like it very much!

- Ruth Duran Villa

I find this pod quite entertaining and seem to always learn something new. Mosquitos like people who eat bananas! Keeping that in mind this summer, thanks!

- Sana

Great Podcast!

- Heather, Foshan

Cool as fuck . . . great for a long boring bus journey 🙂

- Alix

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