China Jedi Tour: E7 – The Sun Yat Sens

Warning: This episode contains strong language and scenes of explicit stupidity! In this episode, China Jedi goes on a weekend trip with the reggae, rock, pop band known as the Sun Yat Sens (SYS). They travel to the kingdom of Dongguan to play a couple of gigs at two separate venues – The Treehouse and One For The Road. Get a real life insight in what it’s like being a foreign band in China as they encounter foam and pool parties, a live big belly Buddha, police raids, a failed factory practice session, Bob’s underpants, voice loss, sweaty ball syndrome, plastic fruit, ice creams in the bathroom and much, much more! For those living, working or travelling in China or interested in learning about Chinese culture, expat life and foreigners perceptions. Live, work, travel, do business and have fun in China. May the smile be with you!



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